To say that Elizabeth is a gifted channeler is totally inadequate. The fact is, there really are no earthly words to describe the opportunity she brought me, to connect directly with the Ascended Masters. Elizabeth doesn’t speak for them, she is the conduit for them to speak for themselves. Buddha not only came through her, but became her—not only did I receive a message from the Ascended Masters, I actually found myself having a conversation with the Buddha himself. Elizabeth’s form gave way to the bent posture, voice, gestures, intonations and humor of the Buddha. And, when I reached out and took the Buddha’s hand, it was not the small, soft, warm touch of Elizabeth, but a hand that felt large, old, worn and a bit rough, cold, yet gentle, surging powerful energy throughout my body. I was awed in the knowing that I had been touched by the Buddha himself. And, I am totally grateful to the Universe for gracing Elizabeth with the most wonderful gift of channeling so that I could literally and spiritually be guided, and even touched, by the Masters.

Dr. Vicki F. Panaccione, the Parenting Professor
PhD Licensed Psychologist
Founder, Better Parenting Institute

I could feel the energy moving through me and challenging me to be in the moment with it. I especially loved Buddha’s Q & A. I have seen you twice, and both times Buddha’s interactions with each person seemed delightfully present and authentic-like he knew each one dearly. Thank you so much!

Lisa Davis

I appreciated how animated the expression of the Masters are. I found myself laughing in a joyful way most of the evening. Thank you!


This was phenomenal. I sincerely hope that you will return to this area soon for another evening of enlightenment. I feel I have learned a great deal. Fascinating!

Betty Wallace

Amazing, beautiful, true. Thank you again for sharing your profound gift and for taking the leap and baring your soul. For me, there is absolutely no doubt that you are bringing through the teachings and essence of the evolved beings whom I am convinced are who they proclaim to be. Hearing the words while being present and seeing you change and express the vibrations that come through you, as well as the energy and involvement of all of the audience is truly “beyond words”. What theĀ  Masters say through you has been written and read perhaps billions of times; that is not new. The manner in which you and they impart the teachings NOW is the key. I feel and AM lighter and happier from the gifts you shared. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Anne Marley