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On this day, I sat at my computer to share Holiday Greetings with you. But then suddenly I felt an urging and a prompting from someone else who wanted to share his words and Love with you. Before you read this channeled message, I suggest that you take in a few deep breaths, ground yourself, and open your heart and mind to the words channeled from this amazing Ascended Master.

Jesus and Earth III

My children. It is I, Sananda. Many of you know me as Jesus and it is at this time of year you celebrate my birth. Many of you choose this time to come together in love and in worship of a reverent time in history for you.

But not all of you see this as a time filled with joy. Many of you see it as a time filled with burden and heaviness. Maybe because you have recently lost a loved one from your life and feel all alone. Maybe it is because you are finding yourself overwhelmed with all of the commercial aspects of the holiday. It is to you who I address my speak in this moment. It is to you who have forgotten the essence of all of these celebrations, no matter what your beliefs are for celebration at this time of year. It is to you I say simply this: look at the essence that flows around you and in you. If you cannot see it, feel it. If you can not feel it, ask for its remembrance to touch you and realign with you. For those of you who do not know how to touch this indistinguishable part of you, simply breath in and say, ‘I know that I am more than this flesh. I know that I am more than my mind thinks. I Am. I know that I reach far out into multiple dimensions.’ These are the facts. This is the Truth. The time is NOW. NOW is the time for you to rekindle your hope and your faith. You are perhaps lost in a search for it in the material. It is this time of year that comes to you as a reminder of all that you really are. Look at the joy of others and know that it is a reflection of you. Know that it is you smiling and laughing and loving.

Now, for those of you who read this that are smiling and laughing and engaging fully in the joy that is your life, begin to practice seeing all of that love and joy and light flowing out of you into the beings of all that surround you. Whether it be to those who are standing next to you as you wait for the next subway train or those that stand in front of you at the grocery store. This is YOUR time to stand up and share your gift of joy. And for those who lack this gift, it is your time to step up and receive. Open your arms and receive.

What keeps you all connected is the giving and receiving. This is a mandatory flow for Life to continue. It is a necessary action that must continue on for your planet and for your Lives to be nurtured.

It is this time, NOW, in this moment that I ask for each one of you to sit back and ask yourselves, “Can I be giving more? Can I be receiving more?” Examine this closely and truthfully and accept whatever the answer is. Then take the necessary action, whether it be to give more or receive more (or to perhaps do both!).

It is now time for you all to take responsibility for keeping this Divine flow going. Many of you are blocking this flow one way or another and in essence you are killing one another. Whether you are holding back love and caring because you are stepping into judgment too often or you are refusing to receive because you have convinced yourself that you are just not good enough. Whatever it may be, IT IS THE TIME to examine your role in this flow. It is up to all of you to keep it moving and balanced.

And when the season of celebration comes to an end, continue to do your part in balancing the flow. Keep this Dance alive. Do not wait until next December to be reminded of this by the Christmas card you receive in the mail. Your responsibility to stay and monitor and be in this flow of giving and receiving began at your birth. It is now time to remember this. Go forth and do your work of giving and receiving. And of course, I do not mean just of the material world. Give of you; of your love; of your life; of your passion. And be there when your fellow friend reaches his hand and heart out to share with you. Receive with grace, humility, joy.

Thank you. Blessings to you all on your path of Light and Love and Joy.

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