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The Ascension

A dear friend of mine left this world and slid into another–a different dimension, a different vibration, a different space. A space of True Love and True Self Realization. And the most amazing part is that she took me there with her as she quietly and gracefully slipped off into this other dimension. I am permanently shifted because of her sharing this event with me, and I want to share this event with you. She has given words to what we often wonder about and feel separate from because we can’t “see” it. But what she has shared gives a reassurance and peacefulness to our wondering what happens when we die. She paints a picture of an opening and a re-visiting to a beautiful place that we all really know so well. Below find her beautiful channeled words:

First she was showing me a cone of spinning rainbow lights (beautiful!) in which she was standing in the middle. The energy was so peaceful and all-encompassing.

Then she said:
“A lot is done in this transitional phase. It seems as though I am growing and lightening, although I am told this is what it “feels” like to be leaving the body. An expansion-a realignment of a new consciousness, although it is not new–just forgotten and now I am remembering it. It is as though there is much spinning right now Elizabeth. Turning the corner now and leaving fully. The complete lift-off is complete once the remaining ties are cut. It is when the ties are not completely cut that the body does not and cannot leave. It is my desire to fully cut the ties so that I can begin to circulate my energy out and fulfill the purpose of this phase of my life–this life that was Bonny.

It is now time Elizabeth to do what they call repurposing–to use my energy for further development and ultimate return to the Over soul and group. It is quite complex yet very simple as I see it now. It is all making so much more sense then it ever has before. It is all crystal clear. It is so interesting how when you are there–Earth–it is all so very distorted. It is all so crisp and clear here Elizabeth. Much more than we had been thinking!

The evolution here is very interesting also, and I am told that I will be passing through many phases as I transcend up this rainbow column. It is a spinning rainbow column and the energy that it is emitted and spreading all throughout my body is fantastic and you would never believe it Elizabeth! It is so beautiful! Oh I just can’t tell you… no words now to describe…encompassing all of me now as I slip into this one phase of existence. There is much work to do here but it will be different now. I still have to cleanse and purify for the next stage of my development as I leave you all from there and seek a higher place of knowledge and fine tuning of my understanding of all that is Life and Love and Light. It has been told to me that there will be many lessons for me of great importance to you Elizabeth and I will share them fully with you as I transcend and learn. It is important to me that you do not  hesitate on this understanding of this important transition. This is just the start of our work together Elizabeth. You had no idea, did you? It was all so very silly at times when I was there and the things that I ran into and made up were all so filled with learnings and growing for me.

It is a time here of replenishment. Death is not a time of drying up and leaving. It is a resurgence of All that is within us that never really left. You know that. But it now comes to me in a way that I never saw it before. It comes to me in a gentle, clear understanding. It is as though all of this time I was missing something. I felt there was more. And I was right. This is the more I meant. To capture that while the body is still in the physical plane is what you have to learn and teach Elizabeth. You have to teach people to feel  deep down inside and revisit the high part of themselves that they have left off somewhere when they showed up on Earth. Revitalize their memories by showing them what they need to see. That is pictures and sound and tastes and whatever else can stimulate and recharge the part of them that speaks only of Truth and Light. The part of them that will see where and what.

The angels are talking to me now. I have to settle in now to this way of being and leave you to what it is that you need to heal.

I just had to tell you Elizabeth that there are all these smaller like dancing lights that are moving all around as though they are dancing out some words to me. It is a greeting of sorts! I am alone here but feel the presence of some angelic beings that are comforting and soothing. I am feeling so light and at ease. It is safe to assume that there is more to come Elizabeth!”

Then there was the full moon hike I took about an hour after Bonny’s transition. At one point on the hike, I just stopped and said out loud, “Bonny’s dead? What? That just doesn’t make any sense.” So it it was there in that moment that she showed me what it felt like to not be attached to a body. I felt pure lightness and no sense of the physical whatsoever. My mind was basically blank. I just was there filled with peace and oneness with all. She took me on this transition with her so that I will know what goes on Beyond this Earth plane.

Bonny is doing so beautifully and is hanging out with lots of neat people. One of them being Lennie’s (my boyfriend) nephew who died unexpectedly at the age of 30 about 2 years ago. Yesterday they shared with me how they both now clearly see how on Earth we separate ourselves so much, when really we are all one whole; one mind; one soul.

And because Bonny has taken her with me through this transitional phase from one dimension to another, I have shifted. I now see more clearly than ever what out True Self is and feels like. It is light and free and all-encompassing. It is this that we need to remember when we see and feel the ego mind illusions trying to take hold.

It is my hope that you all can take this knowledge and use it to connect or re-connect to that part of you that knows the Truth of who you are. I now see this beautiful blending from one phase of existence into the next. It is just a continuation and something to cherish and revere, not fear. There really are no boundaries;  just the ones that the ego mind makes up. So we can stop doubting ourselves once we see this all to be the real Truth. And when the doubt ends, then we can fully step into who we Are and the reason why we are all here. And the one reason really is, as Bonny now makes this abundantly clear to me and to us all, is to be a shining light for the world. That is when we can do our work; from that place of knowing that we are pure Light and Love.


5 Responses to “Bonny Beyond Words”
  1. Liana Macias says:

    All’s I can say is wow thanks for sharing this message..Bonny and Ken were customers at Pechanga Resort and Casino.I was quite fond of Bonny what a neat lady she was I enjoyed talking to her,laughing,having lunch etc..I still can’t believe she is gone from earth but,she remains forever in our hearts and we’ll meet again someday..I will truly miss her.The Friday she past,I was going to call her,but I felt she needed to rest,now I know why,she was on her way to being an angel.She always told me I was intuitive like her,we always had a connection..I think about her daily although I haven’t cried cause I know she’s in a much more beautiful place without pain and suffering and that’s most important to me..Well when you connect with her please tell her I love her.Thank you Sincerely,Liana Macias

  2. Juan Agramonte says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Your are certainly blessed for having a friend like Bonny, and her for knowing you. Your are also blessed for the gift of vision, and the ability to see beyond the world of form. Your and Bonny’s message of her transition to another dimension is beautiful. It is also a great lesson to help us remember our real divine nature. Thanks Elizabeth.

  3. thank you all – Love – Frank

  4. Jann says:

    Thank you so much for the above post. My best friend died in December and I have been experiencing the loss very deeply. This channeling helps a lot. I have a fierce desire to hold a connection to him and I recognize that is also a desire to remember my True Self. I will take the feelings that your post has invoked and see where they take me. I am not sure how I ended up on this page today but feel assured that I was guided. Thank you again! Blessed be.

  5. Judy says:

    This is beautiful. I have to tell you how I found your blog and this particular post: I saw your link and clicked it just after I updated my Twitter status with this: “We all came from the same place, from inside the many-colored lantern. Let’s meet there, inside the light.” (As with everybody else in the world, I have been greatly bothered with the growing despair of humanity.) So your very last sentence in this post was extra special to me. Nice to meet you inside the light! –Judy

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