Chief Crazy Horse Blesses Our Gathering for Earth Day

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Chief Crazy Horse“When is the last time you hugged a tree?” There was silence in the room. No one had an answer for him. As I channeled his beautiful energy for the group at Heart to Heart Healing Connection in Agawam Massachusetts last night, the Grand Chief went on to say that he was not scolding us for our our lack of attention to Mother Earth. He merely had come forth to remind us to connect to Mother Earth, to bless her, to connect with her with every step we take. But he also expressed so much gratitude to us–the world–to dedicating a whole day to “bringing forth the gratitude to Mother Earth.” He says that “it is the necessary way as we cannot have her frazzle. She has brought us life.”

It has been a way of our lives for so many years; to have tucked away the preservation and endearment of the Earth in the far recesses of our minds. It is glorious that so many of us are now taking so much great care in bringing Mother Earth to the forefront of our consciousness.  Crazy Horse noted that this suggests a new path of honoring Mother Earth.

He graced us with a beautiful closing ceremony of chanting and singing that brought us down into our feet, helped us to connect, and to remember Her beauty and all of the gifts that She gives to us. During the ceremony many other Native Americans, his friends, joined us in the room to thank us. Even though he gave much admonition regarding the necessity of staying on this path of honoring Mother Earth, he gave much beautiful,  profound acknowledgment of all that we ARE doing.

In this moment, let us pledge, as we look to the Heavens above, to remain cognizant of our feet as they touch the ground below and let us bless Mother Earth with every step we take.


2 Responses to “Chief Crazy Horse Blesses Our Gathering for Earth Day”
  1. Donna says:

    I was greatfully blessed to be in attendance this evening! We should clearly “hear” Crazy Horse’s messages and BLESS Mother Earth each and every waking moment; practice Earth Day Every Day not just one day a year!

  2. Leland says:

    awesome. great insight from a great seeker!
    Thank you for posting this.

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