Chief Crazy Horse’s Message Comes to Life

May 3, 2009 by  
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forestA friend of mine just sent me this amazing video produced by a group of Native Americans. Chief Crazy Horse would be proud. Please take the nine or so minutes that it takes to watch this video and feel it resonate deep within your being. The Chief had come forth on Earth Day to congratulate us on making the shift to seeing the importance of Mother Earth. And here we see, in beautiful cinematography, how important it is to keep our eyes on this path of Earth renewal, respect, and replenishment that we have just stepped on and keep steadfast to the Earth Renewal Project we have just begun.

You are important. You are crucial to this Project’s success. I echo the Chief’s gratitude, applaud your continual work, and encourage you to never stop in your quest to bring beautiful, full life back to Mother Earth.


2 Responses to “Chief Crazy Horse’s Message Comes to Life”
  1. DenRA says:

    Thanks for sharing and caring!We must turn it around and give back now!

  2. What an amazing video. Chief Crazy Horse is right … we MUST take care of and honor Mother Earth, and bless Her for all she does for us.

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