The Discovery Game

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In a meditation I had been looking at and questioning a motivational block that has had me stumped and stopped. In an answer to my pondering, I channeled some beautiful words of wisdom from the wonderful magical Master, Merlin.  He came through to share a new perspective of this barrier. I feel the pull to share his words with you as perhaps you can resonate:

“There is a part of you that says “What’s the sense?” It may be a small part but, nevertheless, it is there and it is what holds you back. Honor and acknowledge this part as it is neither good or bad. It just is. But continue to go forth in spite of that part because your life is really all about Discovery. This is why you are here. It is all about seeing what is new – and it is ALL new. You go through many of your days and see about .00001% of your life.  Your mind tends to catch onto what it thinks is the same and misses all that is new. Each moment shines with new brilliance and glimmer just waiting for you to see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, feel it, and embrace it. Let go of the barriers that you have put up to seeing what is new. The mind is merely afraid. The mind finds comfort in the old, in the same. So ask it “what are you afraid of?” Ask yourself that question now. You may  be surprised of the answer. “

Be willing to find newness in everything. I offer it as a challenge or perhaps a game. “How much newness can I see today that I didn’t see yesterday?” I am all in on the Discovery Game. Care to join me?





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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Elizabeth-I’m right there with you on the discovery game…love Merlin’s message!


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