Do You Ever Struggle In Your Life?

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Have you ever found yourself in struggle? I think we have all, at one time or the other, found ourselves struggling with or over something in our lives. In a channeled message from Buddha during the “Ask An Ascended Master” teleseminar series, Buddha shares with us that we can make another choice:

“Look at what makes you struggle. What is pulling you down? What is shaking you around? What is making it so difficult for you to keep your head above water? I see you sometimes going down under the water; with this struggle you are being pulled down. But you are allowing yourselves to be pulled down. It is time for a complete new perspective on your life. You’re doing the same things over and over again. Let me ask you this: how are they working for you? Look at the things individually that do not work for you. This could fit anyone of you. If there’s something in your life that is causing you struggle, why continue to do it? These are the things that you have to ask yourselves. It is about creating new perspective. It is about re-examination. It is about saying, “Why have I decided that I want to struggle?” I hate to be so blunt. But you are in charge of that department. You are the ones that have put yourselves into this struggle department. I don’t mean to be so harsh, and I support you on this beautiful path that you are on. But what I am saying is very good news for you. You have not looked at it this way. You are in charge. You can make the choice to do something differently. Choose to look at it in the different way for if you start looking at something else much more expansive, instead of using the word struggle–this is kind of a difficult word, is it not? Look at the word “freedom” and “expansiveness”. Look at all your talents and what do you really want to do and what are you good at. Pull yourself up.

Throw each other a life preserver to pull yourself out of the drowning waters that you’re in. There is another choice other than to struggle. Take off those jackets that you’re wearing that keep you penned in and keep you from being free. For many of you choose this lifetime of struggle. “Things are going wrong, everything is bad.” Look at the choice because you’re a magnificent being. You’re quite exquisite.

By the way, have I told you lately that you’re all really exquisite? Well, you are. Thank you. Thank you for stepping up and taking the time to notice this. For it is all of you that are taking the time in this day and in this moment to step up and say, “I am exquisite” not just because Buddha says so but because you say so and because you look at all the talents and all the gifts that you have and appreciate them. That is when you step out of the pit of darkness that you may find yourselves in into a beauteous place of light and possibility, potentiality.”

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