Do You Listen To Your Own Channelings?

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I was just talking to a friend today. We were discussing the “Reinvention of Elizabeth” project. As I shared with her my latest challenges in this grand project, she began repeating back to me many of the things the Masters and I have been telling individuals in my channeling groups and one-on-one sessions for months. I interrupted her and said “Wow! That’s what I have been telling others. It would be nice if I remembered to listen to the advice I have been giving out!”

Have you ever found yourself needing your own advice the most?

I embarked on this lovely little program of reinvention the minute I drove out of my safe little driveway in Easthampton, Massachusetts and hit the country’s highways to arrive at my new home in Los Angeles, CA on June 11th. When I left Massachusetts, the project was simply entitled “My Grand New Life”. It never occurred to me that so much challenge was incorporated into the framework of this project. Change, change, and then some more change thrown in for good measure.


The landscape was new. The people were new. The traffic was new. The only continuity I had was Pebbles and Monty, my two beloved furry friends who had no choice but to tackle this project with me.

At so many of my channeling groups the Masters would say things like, “Embrace the present. Be in the Now. Love yourself.” They gave beautiful guidelines for effectively using affirmations to make lasting change. So when my friend said to me today, “You need to do some affirmations”, it reminded me that one of the reasons I am a Conscious Channel is so that I will be involved in the process of relaying information so that I can grow too.

It is a reminder to me to listen to the words carefully that are coming out of my mouth every time I share wisdom or advice, whether it be from my 3-dimensional self or channeled from others beyond. Learning and evolving can take many forms. We can all tap into the Ultimate Wisdom, and we often say things that we need to hear ourselves the most. We often find ourselves teaching what we need most to learn. When we can see this, it is a brilliant moment of ego-sidestepping. If you can see that you are always growing and learning and are willing to admit that you sometimes forget to take your own advice, you have stepped into the planes of Self-Mastery. Let’s face it. If we knew it all, we wouldn’t be here. So with this eye-opening reminder to review my own teachings, I now see that I can become my best student.

Listen to you. Listen to your own channels. You are wise. You are vast. You are a Master.

You are amazing.


One Response to “Do You Listen To Your Own Channelings?”
  1. Jess says:

    Wow . . . what beautiful sharing. I truly believe that thanks to the amazing work you do with the Masters, you already knew what your friend shared with you in your Higher Consciousness – or you wouldn’t have been so open to hearing it. My experience/feeling is that what we already know on a soul/spirit level, we are most open to hearing. If we aren’t aware of it or don’t know it, that’s when the ego/fear steps in and says, “No, you are wrong! I don’t want to!” Does that make sense?

    What an incredible and beautiful Master YOU are, my friend!

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