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Chief Crazy Horse and the beauty of grass and groundingAs I channeled the amazing energy of Native American Ascended Master Chief Crazy Horse, he shared some beautiful, and very helpful thoughts on grounding that will lead to a clearer connection with All That Is.

“Feel that grass. Pretend now. Close your eyes, see it, and say, “Grass.” Can you all feel grass under your feet? Because you all can imagine and visualize, right? You feel this grass. It’s really, really good for you to feel the grass because so many times your head’s in clouds. It’s good of course to connect to God and all that is Above, but find the grass in your life. Sometimes when you have a very busy day, you rush around. How many of you rush around a lot during your day? So, maybe when you’re really crazy and you feel energy all over, you can stop for a moment and picture your patch of grass. Take this patch of grass with you wherever you go. It can be your magical, magical grass.

This is very important for grounding; very important nowadays as things are ‘woosh, woosh, woosh’ everywhere. Doors are closing and opening; your lives are up-down, up-down, up-down. People coming in, going out, things happen and changing continually. I tell you it’s not going to slow down. It will speed up. But don’t worry. Don’t be scared because you have your grass – you have your patch of grass. Make it as big as you want but make sure it’s big enough for you to have your feet on it planted – planted strongly.

Do you all feel the grass still? Now, reach down now and feel your grass. Feel it. Yes! The grass is fresh. The grass is life. I’m here to remind you to feel that life that is at your feet at all times. If you cannot make it outside, you can find your piece of grass inside. Bring your grass into your life to ground you.

Start seeing grass everywhere. The grass is representative of what you need to have. For when you have the grass, your mind is clear to connect to God and to your higher self and then the messages can come down much more easily. Because if you’re not in grass, if you’re stepping on clouds or you’re slipping on ice, the only thing filling your mind is the rattlings of that crazy guy – the little ego mind guy. He will occupy much of your time and keep you very so busy if you have no grass.

Who wants to be free of the negative chatters in your head? When you are, you will hear messages from your guides and your higher self. Many of you may wonder, “How do I connect to my guide?” This is first step: being grounded.

When you are in a movie theater, you could be standing on grass. Wherever you go, you could be standing on grass. Say, “I am peaceful standing on my grass.” Breathe that in. How does that feel? “I am peaceful standing on my grass.”

When you are standing on grass,  you’re standing in your power.



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