It All Begins With YOU (Part 1)

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Once a month I hold a live group channeling event on the phone (teleseminar-style) as I channel The Ascended Masters in a series called “Discovering The Master Within”. Here I share with you a bit of Class #2 when we discussed Love & Relationships. This is an excerpt of Buddha’s introduction to the lesson. Buddha always comes forth with such love and humor. As you read his words, feel his loving energy as he makes us laugh as we learn.

“The first thing that I want to talk about is the relationship that you have with yourself and with the universe and all the world around you.  See, you’re always looking for others to complete you, right?  You think, “You know what, if I just get a really good relationship like this person is going to love peanut butter just like I do, and they’re going to love the same sports games that I do, and they’re going to love everything that I love, then I’m going to be perfect and my life is going to be complete.”  No, that is not it.  Those things are quite lovely.  It’s beautiful to be able to share the same kinds of food, the same love for sports, the same activities. That’s essential, yes.  But there is a much deeper thing going on; the relationship with YOU.

By the way, that is a capital Y-O-U. You ought to see yourself as the queen and the king that you are. Do you? Let me ask you this:  Who is your biggest fan?  Is it you?  That would be great.  Well of course, I’m your biggest fan.  But I think there’s an even bigger fan and it should be you.  You.  You hug you, right now. Everybody do it.  I know that you can do this. Wrap your arms around you and hug you because until the day that you can firmly hug you and not be embarrassed–some of you may think “Well, this is silly. Why should I want to hug me?”  Until you can do that, you are not going to be on the road to anything but uncomfortableness in your life.  Because until you can really embrace you and look in the mirror and say, “You know what? You’re pretty great.  I like you,”  you’re not going to find somebody that feels the same way. And you say, “Well Buddha, I’ve been doing work.  I do all the affirmations.  I do all this.  I do that.”  But no! Let me tell you then there is a piece of you, something about you, that you just don’t like or something about that you haven’t accepted yet perhaps.

Doing this is your first step in creating better relationships in your life.  Look at the relationship with YOU.”

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