It All Begins With YOU (Part 2)

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Here in a continuation of the previous post, I share with you more of Class #2 when we discussed Love & Relationships through the channelings of The Ascended Masters. This  is more of Buddha’s introduction to the lesson. Again, as you read his  words, I ask you to feel his love for us as he makes us laugh as we learn.

“Let’s look at how you look at things in the world.  What is your relationship to things in the world?  How do you react to things in the world?  Very important.  Well, look at yourself under a microscope.  Is that painful?  Do it anyway, is my suggestion because let me tell you, if you are looking and you are seeing something that you don’t like, it is time to accept that and it is time because you are masters.  It is time for you to change that perception.  “Maybe that isn’t so bad that wart on the end my nose.  Maybe it isn’t so bad.  It’s the way I am.”  You see, you have ways about you that are so spectacular and you so often choose to ignore them and instead to look at something that no one else sees, notices, or is concerned about.

And the other thing is love. Of course, the romantic love, yes.  But there’s a grander love.  The love that is the truest and the most purest love ever.  Yes. That is universal Love.  Love of God. However you want to say it.  But that is not something that is outside of you my dear.  That is something that is in you; that IS you.  That is the truth of you and there is nothing else to say about it.  Can’t get me to say another word other than that because that’s the truth.

The fact that you can’t dance the two step has nothing to do with it.  You see, all those things that you think are wrong with you and all those negative things that come flying through your head that are less than the truth of you, you then hold those into your being.  So the next time your mind says, “You know what  you really can’t sing.  You really can’t run that company.  What do you think– you can write a book?” All that stuff, it’s just stuff, it’s fluffy things that you learned somewhere.  It’s time to let them go. Examine.  This is an examination period now. Start examining you because there are so many layers to you, right?  I do believe there are some things about you that you haven’t discovered. It’s time to look and find them once again.


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  1. zibzeebo says:

    its true…when we can except ourselves despite our limitation..only then can we unleash the beauty inside in a humble and nonegotistical way…its good to love ourselves aslong as we dont put ourself above others…we all have something to offer…different and unique…without comparison to others..zibz

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