Life to Death and Back

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Anita Moorjani Near Death ExperienceThere are some things that need to be shared with as many people as possible, and I think that the story I share below is one of them. Please take the time to read or hear the amazing story of a young woman who experienced death and returned to share her story. It is remarkable in itself, but there is also footage of a medical doctor who shares his understanding and meaning of this phenomenon. Hearing Anita’s story reminds me of my shared journey with my friend Bonny who passed from this Earth last year but did not return as Anita did. Bonny shared her journey to the other side with me, and I did my best to honorĀ  her transcendence with my words.

Anita’s story will pull on and remind you of that eternal aspect of you – that aspect that we often forget in our day to day existence as we tackle life’s challenges. I apologize that there is a portion of Anita’s audio that is missing, but I encourage you to sit through and embrace every moment of her sharing. As you listen, allow her words to spark a remembering – a remembering of who you really are at your Core and especially that each of us has an amazing purpose in being here on the Earth plane.

Whenever you have a moment of self doubt, think of that which Bonny and Anita and so many other folks have experienced from the True Realms beyond and use that to inspire you to continue on in search of your own Truth and of sharing of your magnificence.

Please click here to read and hear more about this powerful story

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