LOVE: Say It Loud…Say It Clear

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LoveLesson Two of the “Discovering The Master Within” teleseminar series delved into the topic of Love and Relationships. As I channeled Buddha, Merlin, and The Blessed Mother, The Ascended Masters spoke at length as to the power and the mechanics of relationships. Relationships can nurture, but they can also bring up much that needs to be healed. When someone triggers something in you, it is a natural tendency to blame that person for your pain or whatever it is that comes up.

But that person with whom you are in relationship is acting as a teacher and a healer. Buddha says that what comes up for you has nothing to do with that person. He said that they are merely “the pointer “–pointing out to you that which needs to be healed. If we begin to take responsibility for our healings and to stop blaming others, our relationships can take on completely new meanings. It takes courage and strength, but it is now time for us to step up to the challenge. We can’t wait a minute longer.

So perhaps it’s time for us to see things–people, relationships–with new eyes, new perspectives, new understandings, and to look for the Love underneath it all. I guarantee you It is there.

Say it loud.
Say it clear.
It’s too late. When we die
To admit we don’t see eye to eye.

~ “The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics~


One Response to “LOVE: Say It Loud…Say It Clear”
  1. zibzeebo says:

    thank you elizabeth for taking the time to share your thoughts and spread your love thoughtout the world..and dats da tuth…zibzeebo

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