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Letting GoMy monthly teleseminar, “Discovering The Master Within”, is always so chock-full of interesting perspectives as I channel The Masters. Here is an example as Buddha answers one of the participants questions:

Question: I feel that life as I knew it has passed, as well as the life of people that were in my life and are now gone. What is the best way for me to change the way I live and to accept this?

Buddha: Oh my goodness- it’s so wonderful that all these questions can apply to all of you. Now, as I was hearing that question, I’m seeing you standing there waving goodbye to all of these folks. Here is my suggestion on the best way to deal with this. So, for one, as you’re waving, be smiling, because you’re waving your comfort zone goodbye. But perhaps you will ask who could be smiling for that, right? When you step out of your comfort zone, you experience new growth and regeneration of cells and new life within you. So, you see it is all about celebrating. It’s like a parade in this case; these people are parading out of your life; these things are parading out of your life. If you do not completely let all these go, you cannot embrace the now. You might even do an exercise where you cut your cordage to each of these people or these things that are leaving (you have cords to things too– it’s a crazy thing that your mind does!)

What you need to do is to cut all these cords and things and just let it go because– you’ve heard the phrase–Nature abhors a vacuum. So, if you have this vacuum and it’s open then, whoosh! All these new things can come in. But if you’re not fully letting go of all those people and circumstances, then you cannot move on. And it may be that when the people are gone out of your life you will say, “Thank Goodness, they’re gone, they were driving me out of my mind.” But you see, you’ve gotten so used to those ways–good or bad. Some you will say, “What a shame, they’re leaving. I really love them”. Either way, accept that they have moved on so that YOU can move on and fully embrace your exciting new life as it is.

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