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Are you resisting anything in your life? Take an honest look and see what you see. Buddha shares a perspective on what resistance is and how it affects us in our lives:

Channelled Messages from BuddhaWhat is resistance? It’s a holding back and it’s a non-acceptance. When you all start to feel the uncomfortableness of your life, that’s when you choose not to fully accept. “But Buddha, how can I accept everything? There are awful things. What do you mean accept that I just lost my job? What do you mean accept that my best friend is sick? What do you mean accept?” I mean accept. Embrace it. This is a time for all of you as light workers to step up and fully embrace absolutely everything in your life.  Accept everything. I mean everything. E-V-E- R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  Everything in your life. Do it now. I say this with a great, great, great intensity because it is so important for each and everyone of you. Embrace everything. Think of something right now, right in this moment. Think of it. Now go ahead and embrace it, whatever you just thought of. Go ahead, think of something else.  Okay, that’s it. Great, embrace it. Embrace it all.

Now, the next thing–what I want you to do is to start embracing those things that you don’t want to embrace–whether you like it or not. And the reason for this is because–now I know you’ve heard this phrase before but I’m going to say it again– This is not a dress rehearsal, you see. This is the real thing. It is now time for each and everyone one of you to look at your resistance so that you can get on with the flow of your life.” And the first part of accepting is simply to acknowledge that resistance  is there. That is when the block of ice–your resistance– will begin to melt and you can flow.”


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  1. How interesting to be faced with this this morning. I have studied with a channeled master for over 20 years and about a month ago I asked him a question and this was his answer. ACCEPTANCE. Much easier said than done I know. But I appreciate this reminder that it’s something I still have not yet mastered. Since the block has to do with me moving to Los Angeles, I hope that when I do move, I can attend one of your events. Namaste……………

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