The Secret To Channeling Your Truth

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Day in and day out we are bombarded with messages. Messages of what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Points of view that are radical and points of view that are conservative. Packages of all differing shapes and sizes. Website after website suggesting or telling you what to do to be happy, to be empowered, to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

What to do? Sometimes perhaps you just don’t know what to do with all of the opinions and knowledge that is coming your way. Exhausted, you finally hang your head and exasperatedly utter, “WHAT DO I BELIEVE?????“. I have heard myself say those words often over the years, and I finally have stumbled upon what works for me. The Masters, Buddha specifically, touched on this process of discernment during the July 6th call (Part 3 in the Discovering The Master Within teleseminar series).

Buddha said, “It is up to you to decide what is Truth for you…take your own power back. Know that you are the decision maker and you can make your own decisions in your life.”

When you ask the question, “what is right for me here” or “what do I believe”, shut out the chatter of everyone else’s opinions- including your own ego minds opinions- and feel into the question with your heart and your feeling nature. If it feels good, if it resonates with you, than whatever it is, is speaking YOUR Truth. That is the road to take. It is all about discerning what is the best for you. I have found that using this tactic gives me roots and grounds me and takes me on the best course for me. Sometimes I may miss and hear the opposite and take a slight detour.  That’s okay. We can learn from life’s detours too.  But the heart is the compass by which you can steadily sail your ship as it shines on the beautiful ocean of your Life.

Learn to Trust and know your heart. Use it as your tool of discernment; as if it is your seeing-eye-dog. It is your beacon through all of life’s hurdles and challenges. It will never let you down. It’s channelings will always lead you to your Truth.

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