What Is My Purpose?

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That was a popular question sent in for the first in my teleseminar series, “Discovering The Master Within” (Participants send in questions for the Ascended Masters to answer in a group channeling in a teleseminar format). “What is my purpose” is a great question that got an even greater answer.

This question was asked of Buddha, the first Ascended Master that I channeled. In his usual entertaining, analogy -filled manner of sharing, he brought to light a perception that we are MULTIPURPOSE. What a wonderful thought, don’t you think? He shared:

“You have purpose in every single moment of your life. You are multipurpose Beings! You have other reasons, other purposes that you overlook.  There are purposes in every single moment of your life and it looks different than you thought it would because you think purpose is just one thing. Multipurpose! How grand are you then? How spectacular are you? Celebrate your spectacularness!”

He went on to offer the mantra: “I know what my life purpose is. I am multipurpose.” He suggested using this mantra as a way to bring to ourselves more fully and clearly that which in our lives is truly purpose.

These discussions offered by the Masters are meant to be discussions to begin your own personal process of looking at YOU in perhaps a new and inventive way; to help you to discover aspects of YOU that you did not think exist.

Thank you for joining in this discussion– this awakening of YOU.

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