You Were Never Expected To Go It Alone

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For some reason I sometimes forget that I don’t have to do it all by myself. Do you? Do you ever notice that when we find ourselves in a space of needing assistance the most, we neglect to ask for the help we need? Even if it is just to share thoughts and emotions, we will choose to keep it all to ourselves.

The Masters are always telling us and reminding us to reach out to them and ask for assistance when we need it.  This morning, as I sat in meditation,  I received a lovely channeled message  from Buddha wherein he clearly addressed our need to reach out but not just to those in the higher realms.

I was shown a picture of wooden floor boards with about an inch gaping crack in between two of the boards.  I saw a person’s foot caught in this crack. I then heard these words:

“When you slip through the cracks in life–and you will–ask for your neighbor’s hand. This life of yours is not  meant to be gone through alone. You are not in a vacuum. Strengthen your connections to those around you and ask for assistance.”

Wonderful advice, don’t you think? And you will not only find an easing of your troubles by reaching out, but you will also be assisting that neighbor who helped you. There is something about helping someone in need. That in itself is nurturing and empowering. We feel more connected to a sense of purpose when we can help others. It is all a part of that beautiful and all-encompassing web of giving and receiving. Don’t break the chain–ask for help when you need it. Don’t hesitate any longer.

All you need is there for the asking.



2 Responses to “You Were Never Expected To Go It Alone”
  1. Jess says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder, sweet friend. Admittedly, I am much better at GIVING help to others, than ASKING for it myself. I LOVE YOU! xo

  2. zibzeebo says:

    people like to be makes them feel go ahead and ask..becuase it feels good to be helped..these to actions need each other like the light needs the dark..and man needs woman…cat needs dog..bad needs good…two energies that attract and repulse each other make motion happen so we can feel…that is what human feel..and if we listen as you do…they can guide us in our quest for perfection!..but not to be perfect.

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