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“LOVE YOU. CHERISH YOU. CELEBRATE YOU. YOU ARE A BLESSED BEING.” This loving directive came to me in a meditation a couple of days ago from the Blessed Mother. Her warm and loving energy was reminding me that my soul and connection to Life and Love and All TCelebrate!hat Is will diminish if I do not recognize myself as the amazing being that I am. Some may see this as egotistical, but from the Higher Perspective, how can we not celebrate and own our amazement considering where we come from? Our personal celebrations are what can nourish our souls and keep us ALIVE.

I recently drove 3000 miles across country in  a little car with two big dogs and as much of my personal belongs as would fit. We drove for six nights and seven days. Shortly after I arrived at my new home, I had an accident (I fell off of our front deck) and severely sprained my ankle. I was forced to rest. As I lay in bed the day after the fall, I experienced a beautiful moment of satori in which I realized that I had not personally celebrated my cross-country trek. “Oh, any body can do that. No big deal”, were the words that I had been telling myself.  So in that moment I corrected myself. “Yes it IS a big deal. That IS an incredible accomplishment!” and saw the real achievement of it.

Later that day, as I hobbled around the house on my first day of crutches,  I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I then realized how difficult it was to do this standing on one foot.  A few minutes later I figured out how to balance myself on the counter and make it work. So I celebrated that! I became addicted…EVERYTHING became a victory! And why not? The Masters constantly tell us to love ourselves. Don’t we celebrate the victories of our friends and loved ones? That’s easy, isn’t it? It is a bit more of a challenge to rejoice over YOU.  Are you up to the challenge?

I can unequivocally say to you that the words that the Blessed Mother whispered in my ear were not just for me. They were for ALL of YOU too:


So as you watch the fireworks on this Fourth of July, pretend they are there not just to celebrate our independence but to celebrate YOU too!

Then watch the Magic unfold in your life.



One Response to “Celebrate YOU”
  1. Jess says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder . . . and one I so needed to hear this at this very moment! Thank you, Mother Mary, and Elizabeth, for the most beautiful message. 🙂

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