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As I channeled Lord Buddha, he spoke to a group of friends at Healthy Alternatives in Belchertown, MA on a stormy evening in June. Here he shares with us about Trust:

“You’re all on your lovely path of enlightenment. You are walking along and you’re enjoying this. You say, ‘It’s so beautiful. Look, there’s some roses over there and the birds are all flyiTorch of Trustng overhead and singing. Oh, the sun! I’m going to get tan!’ and you throw your head back and you’re basking in the sun. Then, all of a sudden, you look down and you cannot see the path anywhere- it stopped. ‘Oh my goodness, the sun was out and the birds were singing and now it’s completely dark. But this was the path to enlightenment, Buddha told me. Buddha told me that this is the path to enlightenment and it stopped now. What do I do?’ You stand there and you freeze; you’re frozen; you’re icicles. You are an iceberg standing right there.

Little do you know, you have the torch. You have the torch in your hand and you could have easily melted the ice. But all of a sudden you can’t see clearly on your path. The sun isn’t shining and the birds- it seems as though they have put little muzzles on- they’re not singing anymore. You don’t hear them. You don’t see the torch.

So there you are. You’re frozen, right? ‘What do I do? Oh no’ Then, you start to get more frozen and more frozen because the more frozen you get, the more the fear comes up and the thicker the ice gets and then you cannot see! If you could remember that you have a lighter in your hand to light the torch, you could just torch yourself down and then you’re unfrozen! Then all of a sudden, the muzzles come off of the birds and the sun comes out again because you have used your flame of trust that you have had in your hand all along.

The torch of trust. Pull it out. You have it all the time. It’s very safe by the way. You’re not going to burn anything except melt all the ice of distrust off of you. Sometimes your path will all of a sudden jump in a direction that you are not expecting because isn’t that the fun of life?  You’re used to going to the right and then all of a sudden it goes left and then all of a sudden sometimes the path goes right upside down!

What you need to remember in those moments is this torch of trust because this is sometimes your lifeline. This is what keeps you vibrant and alive if you remember that it is there and then to use it, you see? So that ice- when it takes you over; when the jog in the path goes to the left or upside down- if you remember that torch, you remember to trust. That is when you can flow with ease and grace through the upside down left turns of your life!


2 Responses to “Your Torch of Trust”
  1. Jess says:

    Buddha shared such amazing wisdom and love that evening. I so often forget about my Torch of Trust . . . it is a true blessing to be reminded how loved and truly NOT ALONE we all are. Thank you so much for (re)sharing these incredible messages!

  2. Jann says:

    I stumbled upon this post today and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. It seems so hard to trust when the path is dark and my toes are frozen!! But I can feel the torch in my hand and know it connects me to my power and wisdom. And then I know that all will be well.

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