Ask An Ascended Master-“Discovering The Master Within”

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The Ascended Masters

If you could ask an Ascended Master one question, what would it be?

That is the premise for this exciting teleseminar series, “Discovering The Master Within” and is based around your questions on the topics the Masters and I set forth. In this series we are helping you to rediscover The Master that you have within that is your True connection to All That Is and is your True essence. We have just forgotten and need to rediscover and remember all that we can be.

We will look at what is blocking you from seeing this Master within and assist you in beginning to dissolve those blocks and barriers that keep from seeing and knowing your true potential–your True essence.

Just a few of the topics we will discuss are the ego mind, strength and courage, transformation, emotions, manifestation, and love and relationships. When you register (you do not have to send in a question to register) for this FREE call, you will get a PDF of the Study Guide for that call. The Guides are full of information about channeling and The Ascended Masters as well as questions that help you to prepare for the call. We also open up the lines to take questions during the channeling portion of the session.

I never know who will come in, but each of the Masters bring their own wisdom, fun, and powerful energy. Anyone participating in the call will benefit from The Masters’ messages as well as from the energy work that they do with each of the participants during the call.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the other side!

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