Is That Really Me?

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Emotions. We can’t avoid them–they are part of our human package. But so often we confuse them with what is really us. Don’t confuse your emotions with YOU. They are simply an experience.

We say things like “I am angry”. “I am hurt”. But for a change, what if you said something like, “I am experiencing anger.” Or  “I am experiencing pain or feeling hurt”? Then you take yourself out of the equation. When you say that the emotion = (is) you, then you create an attachment to that which you are feeling. When we take this equation literally, we then equate the emotion with us and make it our Truth and who we think we are. But if you say that you are experiencing the emotion, it then becomes separate from you. It is no longer you. You become the observer and you can watch it as it ebbs and eventually flows away. You are now free to channel your Truth.

But you may now be saying, “Okay. But what if I say “I am happy”? Isn’t it a good thing to equate myself with happiness?” That works nicely to raise one’s vibration, but at some point the happiness will ebb and flow. It is still attachment and because the happiness was attached to you using the words “I am”, deep disappointment can result when it flows away.

Learning to separate ourselves from the fiction of our attachments allows us the freedom to step into what our essence really is: pure love. We are ultimately LOVE —only LOVE. Anything else is just a label that we take on as being our Truth. The trick, the key, is to no longer engage; to no longer meld with those labels.

Every time an emotion comes up, see it as something separate from you. This is one of the first steps in regaining a sense of who is in the driver’s seat. Take the wheel. Steer safe. Steer with confidence. Don’t give your emotions the license to drive the vehicle of your life a minute longer. Who knows where they may take you…


3 Responses to “Is That Really Me?”
  1. Kim Vassallo says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your comments about emotions..Thanks,Kim

  2. José says:

    Hello Elizabeth ,

    Thank you for remember me this….

  3. José says:

    Hallo Elizabeth ,

    Dank u , om me dit te helpen herinneren….

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