Love Vs. Hate

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In this match up, it is clear who will win. My money is on Love to slam dunk Hate and get the Championship trophy. But it might be a win in triple overtime, as there are so many out there pushing hard with their hate.

I received a chain e-mail yesterday from some of the Hate team regarding the government and what is or is not going on these days. I have no problem with people expressing their views. What I do have a problem with is reading material that spews forth hate and negativity. NO MATTER WHO SAYS IT. I was told that it is not hate or anger or negativity. It is just “concern”.  But concern can be delivered from a compassionate place, a caring place, from a place of Love, not from a place of bitterness and anger and attack.

So maybe the next time you hear or read anything that the Hate Team pulls out from its playbook, just smile and say, “Hey. Good try. But the Love Team is stronger and happier and more skilled. You guys don’t stand a chance.”  Stand your ground and don’t be fooled by their play tactics. Their play book is complicated, twisted, and confused. The Love Team’s play book is simple and straight forward with one goal in mind: UNITY.

It’s up to you to decide which Team you want to root for. Each side is recruiting new players too. Which will you pick? Which ever side you do choose, your choice will completely change the course of history. That is how powerful you are.

Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes, and we all grow better as the world grows old. ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox


4 Responses to “Love Vs. Hate”
  1. That is AWESOME! Some people spend all their time trying to tear others down. I opt for seeing the good and what’s in common first. If there truly isn’t any, I just move on – it takes far less energy…

  2. Prong says:

    Playing for the hate team, cut out, shut out from the mainstream.

  3. Jennifer Hudson-Gorman says:

    Interesting post. I am definitely in favor of love and believe that the energy of love is the most powerful energy. I just wonder if dichotomizing this as a struggle of love vs. hate is in some ways contributing to the negativity. Bear with me here, don’t mean to be critical…I just think that what we often experience as “hate” energy is really fear energy- and that when people are coming from fear they are acting in ways that are very jarring and that can be experienced as negative and painful. I guess for me, when I meet an “enemy” or someone I experience as hateful it helps to see them as threatened, frightened or wounded and to try to find some commonality that doesn’t allow me to completely dismiss them or judge them or hate them back. Or to just think of my way as automatically superior to their way (very hard sometimes). One cool thing about facebook is finding old friends and realizing that in some ways they think and live very differently from me but I am still able to connect with pieces of them that I cherish. In that way “Tom” becomes the wonderful and devoted father instead of “that right wing nut job”.
    I normally wouldn’t respond to post like this but it has stuck with me all day so I am stepping out and adding my two cents to the conversation and hoping that it is received with the loving energy that I intend.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I am happy that my post stirred something within you. I do see your point. But the game aspect is merely an analogy that I used to point out the riff that exists in our world and that we all have the option to choose between love and hate. Yes, I do believe that fear is behind hate actions or responses, but again, we all have a choice. That is why I say at the end that we are so powerful that our choices will change the course of history. We all have at one time or another had feelings of dislike come up and we have a choice in that moment to look at those and choose to feel a kinder, more gentle feeling and respond from a place of compassion instead– just as you expressed that you do.This is beautiful. But because there are still so many that do not do this, there does in fact exist a delineation of those that choose darkness and those that choose light. Love is the only thing that is real so in the end, the result is clear. But if we begin to make different choices just as you are and keep in mind the goal of Unity, change will occur. Thank you again Jennifer.
    Blessings to you,

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