Open Your Eyes To The Possibilities

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Beautiful opportunities for change and transformation are offered to us on a continual basis in almost every moment of our lives; opportunities that can turn our lives from ones of pain and difficulty to ones of joy and ease. It is up to us to see these beacons of change, and it is up to us to act upon them.

When I was living in Massachusetts a short while ago, Mother Nature offered me a beautiful example of this truth.

One sunny afternoon I returned home from a peaceful walk in the woods. When I walked into my garage, I was startled by two birds fighting with all of their might to get out one of the closed large garage windows. I grabbed a soft broom and gently started nudging them in the direction of the very large garage door that was open –a free and easy passage to freedom. After a few moments, one of the birds decided it indeed might be easier to fly out the huge open door instead of continuing to bang his wings and body against a tightly shut window. He flew out to freedom and joy.

The other little bird could only see the one way out. He was sure that if he banged and flew against the window long enough, he would surely get through. (A truly impressive example of tunnel vision and insisting that there is only one way no matter how uncomfortable it may be). At last, he got a bit of a clue and flew up to perch on the garage door opener mechanism. Exhausted and still frightened, he rested and began to look around a bit.  At last he spied the wide open door and flew to his own freedom.

Your life path can be a narrow walkway filled with tunnel vision and a closed mind that misses all that is offered up and misses all of the unlimited possibilities; a closed mind that sees a single direction only and insists that this is the only way. Or your life path can be an open road, full of possibilities where you are open to continual growth and to the continual presentation of new opportunities.

It’s your choice. How great is it that it is all up to you!

Which bird are you?

Flying to Freedom and Peace


2 Responses to “Open Your Eyes To The Possibilities”
  1. Maureen says:

    Beautiful!! I had a similar experience with a little bird who flew in my living room one EVENING… (i thought it was strange that she – believe it was a little girl:) – would be moseying around in the dark ANYWAY. Well, in she came and proceeded to do the same as you have described: bouncing off walls, windows,etc… I hurriedly put all kitty cats in a closed room and opened all doors (3 possible exits) and she still was panicking. I talked to her in a very soft voice and asked if i could gently pick her up and take her outside. First no response… and then, she lit the basket of a hanging plant and i very slowly reached up continuing to speak to her, and she allowed me to cup her in my hands and carry her to the door where she flew to freedom. wow. two things come to mind: first your wonderful observation on how we can have a myriad of amazing possibilities blatantly offering themselves to us as we continue to struggle down a one-way street the wrong way… and secondly, the guides that are also beckoning to ‘gently cup us in their hands’ and escort us in a more joyful, fulfilling direction if we would only pay heed. Thanks so much for the wonderful post, Elizbeth!

  2. I love the teachings of the universe. That was a great observation. I also had a bird experience about a year ago. A small bird flew in my sliding glass door which I tend to leave open when the weather is nice. I scurried to open the front door, but it flew upstairs.

    There is only one room and one window at the top of the steps. When I came up it flew to the other end of the room. I took the screen out of the window, then gently went to the bird and sat about a foot from it. I spoke quietly to it for a few minutes, then it flew right out the window.

    If we stop and listen to our guidance we find the path to freedom.

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