The Power of Gratitude

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As Thanksgiving approaches, some of us scurry around to prepare for amazing feasts. We look forward to time with friends and family and to a day off with laughter and joy. And, as the title of the day suggests, we muse on what we are grateful for in our lives.

This week, as I mused, I realized that my reflection on that which I am grateful for was missing something. I remembered what the Masters have shared with us again and again and again in their channelings. And this time I finally got it: they remind us to be grateful for everyone and everything in our lives, but they tell us how important it is to be grateful for ourselves and who we are; to think of all that we do for others and the gifts that we bring. This is often a difficult proposition because as you do this, the mind will jump in and say that you are being egotistical. Instead of buying into the mind chatter, hold onto the thought of your greatness and continue to be grateful.  Stop over looking you and embrace you.

Know this: You are the most important thing there is.  To be grateful for all that you are and bring is the truest celebration of Life and All That Is.

So as you sit with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, shine light and remembrance and gratitude on you. You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are a blessing.


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  1. zibzeebo says:

    gratitude…the feeling of appreciation….the appreciation of self for not being perfect. through our trial and tribulations we grow to appreciate life for the good and bad. Most people need bad things to happen to appreciate the good things. Unfortunate..but that is this realm of conscience we live at the present. this reality keeps us alive becuase we were given chose..and freedom to pursue it. Nothing is perfect but if we strive for perfection we come as close to perfect as we can get,,,,Think, God shines her-his-its beautiful warmth and light on everybody good and bad, just in hopes of being appreciated so god can feel grateful…what a beautiful feeling…

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