Who Is Blocking You From Channeling Your Greatness?

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Are you blocked? Does life feel as if it is at a standstill? Many these days impatiently wait on the threshold- the threshold of something BIG. They know it. They see it coming. They can feel it.  But “where is it?”, they ask. “I know I am sitting on the precipice, the edge of greatness; MY greatness. But why is it  not fully in my life? Why do I still feel these pains in my back? Why do I still have these huge bills to pay? Why am I not fulfilling my purpose?” Many feel as if they are on the brink but do not know what is stopping them. What is stopping you?

The Universe is moving at an ever vigilant pace to channel to you what you want. But just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not on its way; it doesn’t mean that it may have actually already arrived. But we are so busy looking for it at our front doors that we are missing its quiet tappings on our back doors or maybe even on our window panes.

It is much more simple than you have ever thought. The answers to your challenges lie with you right now. But you are so caught up in the figuring of why and how and when that you miss what the challenge really is. Your challenge is not in solving your problems. Your challenge is in accepting that you have all of the answers and the solutions already.

“If you just changed your perception a bit you would see that there really are not any problems.” Merlin spoke these words to me just now as I sit here staring at my keyboard.  I know he is not speaking just to you. He is addressing me as well. I often find myself looking outside for the solution- the solution to my pain; the solution to my finances; the solution to my deep resounding cry for peace.

The Universal Force is so mighty that each snowflake has a completely different shape, a baby is created in a mother’s womb with her doing nothing but taking care of herself, and the seeds you planted in your garden are sprouting right now without you giving it a second thought. Earth is a miraculous place every where we look. Except we forget to see the miraculousness of ourselves. By getting so caught up in the thought, “I feel it coming! I know it’s here! If only I could…if only they would…” You chant “if only”,” if only”, after “if only.”

We take ourselves out of the solutions we seek as we take ourselves out of the mix and look and wait for something or someone else to make it happen. The impending wave of greatness that you feel just waiting outside of you is NOT outside of you. It is with you here and now. Realize this and walk through the fear that is keeping you stuck from receiving it. Stop blocking yourself from channeling your greatness. It is now finally the time to step up. Nothing is ever going to change until you change your perspective and be willing to just go. Just GO!

This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s Opening Night. Go out there and just do what you have to do.  See that Tony or Oscar on your mantelpiece or your name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You know why? Because you are a star. You are THE star!

Smile, take your bows, and give yourself a standing ovation!

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