An Evening With The Masters Volume 6

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As we gathered one more time at “Healthy Alternatives” in Belchertown, Massachusetts, the Masters came through in their usual grandeous fashion, opening hearts and minds and living up to the title of the evening: “The Masters Unleashed”.

Joining us were Lord Buddha, Lord Matreiya, Babaji, and Mary-The Blessed Mother. They all spoke of newness and the new year, as well as releasing old patterns of behavior, old ways of being, and subsequently stepping out of our comfort zones as we fully embrace the new.

Below is an excerpt from the evening as we hear Buddha address the necessity of embracing change and moving through the fear that comes up as we take our steps forward on our path. As you listen to his wisdom, allow not only the words to touch you, but feel the power of his energy as he speaks  to you.



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  1. DenRA says:

    Beyond the wall…lies the real world! Thanks Elizabeth! Peace and be blessed!

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