Much magic can happen in a channeling session with the Masters. As they speak and work through me, their energy will transform and assist you in uncovering the depth of beauty that is at your core.

Below are some areas that may be covered by Spirit:

  • Your present Life Path
  • A look at your strengths and Life Purpose
  • Assistance in looking at and dealing with Life’s challenges
  • Investigation of past lives
  • Exercises to assist in seeing and feeling your inner power
  • Clearing unwanted negative energies
  • Clearing and balancing each chakra one by one with Rainbow Light Therapy

Each session is spontaneous and individual. Some areas may be covered in great depth while others may not be touched on at all or only remotely.

With great Love and compassion, the Masters have a unique way of uncovering and revealing what is the greatest lesson for you in that moment. A shift will occur for you on subtle, yet sometimes acutely obvious, levels. The Masters use attunements and/or activations to realign, balance and shift your energies, often down to a cellular level. Above all, prepare to experience AWARENESS and an enlivening of  WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

$300/ hour for in-person session

$250/ hour for phone session

$ 150/ half hour

For an appointment or more information call: 310.455.1785


Whether you are looking for complete peace within your home or at your place of work, I can assist in clearing your personal space of unwanted, negative energy forms. This powerful clearing can be done in person or remotely through the use of pictures. You deserve to be able to call your home a place of sanctuary. The same can be said for your work place. Clear focus and wellness of being are keys to being productive and focused.


Using sage and other clearing techniques, I will clear out any negative, dark energies and then fill your home or workplace with Universal Light. The change can be profound as I assist in creating a more peaceful, restful environment for you to live or work.

A client shares her experience:

“We came to believe that our new condo was in need of spiritual cleansing. We tried to no avail to find someone in our area that was qualified to perform this task. I turned to my friend Elizabeth for help who I have always known to have both a beautiful soul and countenance. Elizabeth requested that we take photos of each and every room inside as well as the entire outside of our building and send them to her. She believed that she could perform a spiritual cleansing for us by a process of meditation with our photos. She had recently been successful performing a cleansing in this manner (just by using photos). I had faith in her ability to do the same for us. She had the most difficulty with a tenacious spirit in the hallway by our washroom. The light in that hallway never worked properly. We would need to repeatedly turn the switch on in order for the light to come on. Since she did the cleansing, this light ALWAYS comes on the first time we turn on the switch. AMAZING. There is a noticeable calm and peace in our home now and we are forever grateful to Elizabeth for her efforts on our behalf. She has changed our life for the better. Elizabeth is a truly loving, generous and gifted human being and we know she can bring peace and protection to others.”
– Laurie Pomerantz
Delray Beach, Florida

$300 at your home

$  175  remotely

For an appointment or more information call: 310.455.1785