Dragonfly Healing Center Channeling Event

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Please join me as I channel The Ascended Masters and Archangels in an evening that you won’t soon forget! Listen to and take part in a discussion of your own personal Mastership. We will then connect to the Ascended Masters and feel their magic and high vibration as they share their take on your personal […]

Question and Answer With Buddha

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My monthly teleseminar, “Discovering The Master Within”, is always so chock-full of interesting perspectives as I channel The Masters. Here is an example as Buddha answers one of the participants questions: Question: I feel that life as I knew it has passed, as well as the life of people that were in my life and […]

Newness and Change With The Masters

A powerful call with a powerful message. On the “Ask An Ascended Master- Discovering the Master Within” teleseminar call, we heard from Buddha, Merlin, and Master Babaji. As we step into this New Year–with gusto!– the Masters shared that one of the most important things we can do in the face of change is to […]

Do You Ever Struggle In Your Life?

September 29, 2010 by  
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The 9-11 In Memoriam With The Masters

September 16, 2010 by  
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What an evening it was! 30 people gathered closely around at the Soleil  Center for Healing in Winsted, CT to hear channeled messages from The Masters as they spoke on, what has become, quite a historic day in history–September 11th. I channeled Buddha  first (a clip of some of his channeled message is found below) […]

It All Begins With YOU (Part 3)

September 9, 2010 by  
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In this channeled message from the “Discovering the Master Within” teleseminar series, Buddha continues in the discussion of YOU and the discovery of the greatness of YOU: “Sometimes you find yourself asking, ‘What’s wrong with me? Why do I never get anybody in my life that I like? Why do I keep creating this junk […]

It All Begins With YOU (Part 2)

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Here in a continuation of the previous post, I share with you more of Class #2 when we discussed Love & Relationships through the channelings of The Ascended Masters. This  is more of Buddha’s introduction to the lesson. Again, as you read his  words, I ask you to feel his love for us as he […]

It All Begins With YOU (Part 1)

August 4, 2010 by  
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Once a month I hold a live group channeling event on the phone (teleseminar-style) as I channel The Ascended Masters in a series called “Discovering The Master Within”. Here I share with you a bit of Class #2 when we discussed Love & Relationships. This is an excerpt of Buddha’s introduction to the lesson. Buddha […]

The Secret To Channeling Your Truth

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Day in and day out we are bombarded with messages. Messages of what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Points of view that are radical and points of view that are conservative. Packages of all differing shapes and sizes. Website after website suggesting or telling you what to do to be happy, to […]

LOVE: Say It Loud…Say It Clear

June 22, 2010 by  
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Lesson Two of the “Discovering The Master Within” teleseminar series delved into the topic of Love and Relationships. As I channeled Buddha, Merlin, and The Blessed Mother, The Ascended Masters spoke at length as to the power and the mechanics of relationships. Relationships can nurture, but they can also bring up much that needs to […]

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