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Ever think the words, “That’s impossible”? Well, I will admit that I certainly have. But a wonderful private message that I channeled from Buddha as I sat in meditation gave me a new perspective on the word “impossible”. Since things only have the meaning that we give it, we can indeed change this potentially limiting […]

What Is My Purpose?

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That was a popular question sent in for the first in my teleseminar series, “Discovering The Master Within” (Participants send in questions for the Ascended Masters to answer in a group channeling in a teleseminar format). “What is my purpose” is a great question that got an even greater answer. This question was asked of […]

You Were Never Expected To Go It Alone

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For some reason I sometimes forget that I don’t have to do it all by myself. Do you? Do you ever notice that when we find ourselves in a space of needing assistance the most, we neglect to ask for the help we need? Even if it is just to share thoughts and emotions, we will […]

An Evening With The Masters Volume 6

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As we gathered one more time at “Healthy Alternatives” in Belchertown, Massachusetts, the Masters came through in their usual grandeous fashion, opening hearts and minds and living up to the title of the evening: “The Masters Unleashed”. Joining us were Lord Buddha, Lord Matreiya, Babaji, and Mary-The Blessed Mother. They all spoke of newness and […]

An Evening With The Masters Volume 5

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Once again Buddha joined us as we visited “Healthy Alternatives” in Belchertown, Massachusetts on May 28, 2009. In his usual comical, yet enlightening fashion, Buddha comes to shake us up and help us to see how we are all ultimately responsible for everything in our lives. Listen and enjoy as he shares his simple wisdom. […]

Buddha Speaks: “You will change history…the history of darkness”

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Buddha joined us in grand fashion, as usual, at a gathering at Inspirit Common in Hadley MA last night. The first thought he shared with us is that  “You will be transformed in the moment in which you are aware that you are True Love.” Fabulous words. Buddha explains that the catalyst of our transformation […]

Evening With The Masters – Volume 1

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Buddha greeted us as we began the first Evening with the Masters at Inspirit Common in Hadley MA on March 20 2009.  He joined us to celebrate the first day of spring on the vernal equinox.  He said it is “a celebration of Life” but went on to warn, “Don’t forget to breathe. Breath connects […]

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