Your Torch of Trust

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As I channeled Lord Buddha, he spoke to a group of friends at Healthy Alternatives in Belchertown, MA on a stormy evening in June. Here he shares with us about Trust: “You’re all on your lovely path of enlightenment. You are walking along and you’re enjoying this. You say, ‘It’s so beautiful. Look, there’s some […]

Newness and Change With The Masters

A powerful call with a powerful message. On the “Ask An Ascended Master- Discovering the Master Within” teleseminar call, we heard from Buddha, Merlin, and Master Babaji. As we step into this New Year–with gusto!– the Masters shared that one of the most important things we can do in the face of change is to […]

Manifestation Eve With The Blessed Mother

October 26, 2010 by  
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On October 19th, 2010 we gathered on the phone for the sixth in the monthly teleseminar series, “Discovering The Master Within”. The topic was manifestation. We were joined by Lord Buddha, Merlin, and The Blessed Mother. Below find a snippet of the call when I channeled the beautiful and loving Mary, The Blessed Mother. She […]

An Evening With The Masters Volume 6

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As we gathered one more time at “Healthy Alternatives” in Belchertown, Massachusetts, the Masters came through in their usual grandeous fashion, opening hearts and minds and living up to the title of the evening: “The Masters Unleashed”. Joining us were Lord Buddha, Lord Matreiya, Babaji, and Mary-The Blessed Mother. They all spoke of newness and […]

Buddha Speaks: “You will change history…the history of darkness”

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Buddha joined us in grand fashion, as usual, at a gathering at Inspirit Common in Hadley MA last night. The first thought he shared with us is that  “You will be transformed in the moment in which you are aware that you are True Love.” Fabulous words. Buddha explains that the catalyst of our transformation […]