Buddha Speaks: “You will change history…the history of darkness”

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Lord BuddhaBuddha joined us in grand fashion, as usual, at a gathering at Inspirit Common in Hadley MA last night. The first thought he shared with us is that¬† “You will be transformed in the moment in which you are aware that you are True Love.” Fabulous words. Buddha explains that the catalyst of our transformation is about our remembering who we really are because,¬† for the most part, we have forgotten. We have forgotten our true original heritage; our heritage of The Divine. It is easy to misplace that knowing. It gets lost amongst the day-to-day “stuff” that comes flying our way, gets lost amongst the rising and falling of emotions, gets lost in the thoughts of inadequacy or smallness. As I channeled his glorious messages, Lord Buddha came forth to continue the process of helping us to remember. He, as well as all of the Masters, see us as Light and Light Workers, nothing more and nothing less. He gives us strength and courage with the statement, “You will change history…the history of darkness. This is your mission: to go out and change the history of darkness. Do that by bringing your Light. Do that by being you by bringing out the Love that is you.”

All of it comes back to the remembrance of our Truth. Through clearing, expanding, raising our vibration, and asking for assistance, we will someday see our Truth. It is with Buddha’s powerful channeled messages that the stirring of our consciousness continues.

The hope is within us. The Truth is within us. The Love of the Universe is within us. It is just a matter of time before we clear our eyes and fully and completely see our Truth.

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