Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and future Mothers of the world…and here to echo that sentiment is The Blessed Mother with a few words for you…Mary

Dearest Ones. It is with extreme gratitude that I come forth on this day to speak with you. It is with your blessed Love for the children that make this world a place of joy and and happiness. Without your devotion and caring and blissful Love that you share and pass on to your small loved ones as they blossom into the beauties that  they are, the world would be dark. You are the Light and you gloriously pass this torch down through the generations. With your Love you heal and create safety for those that look to you with innocent eyes. You create an environment of safety for them to experiment on how to be the blessed beings that they truly are. If there are ever any moments where you find yourself doubting of the importance of you in a child’s life, stop yourself and remember this: You are where it has all begun. You have brought forth life where there was  none. You have brought a gift to the world of the breath of another exquisite human being to bless all of us with his or her gifts. With your selflessness, you shine Light where there was none before. With your courage and strength and endless giving, you nurture that small Light until it floods the Earth with his or her radiance and beyond.

Your significance, oh you dear Ladies of Love, is so much greater than you have ever imagined. Your gifts are immeasurable. So I thank you for your undying and endless giving of  yourself, for without you, this world would be tired and flat and nonexistent. That is the power of you. That is the Beauty of you. That is the magnificence of you. Thank you. Bless you now and forever.


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  1. A beautiful message from an equally as beautiful energy … thank you Mother Mary (and Elizabeth!) for honoring the mothers of the world in such a special and sacred way. 🙂

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