The Ascended Masters

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The Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on the Earth and learned the lessons of life during their incarnations. They gained mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled their Dharma (Divine Plan). An Ascended Master, in such an understanding, has become God-like and a source of unconditional Divine Love to all life, and through the Ascension has united with his or her own God Self; their I Am Presence.

It is further claimed by various groups and teachers that the Ascended Masters serve as the teachers of mankind from the realms of Spirit, and that all people will eventually attain their Ascension and move forward in spiritual evolution beyond this planet. They are here at this time to teach us unconditional love, not just for others but for ourselves. Many Masters now step forth on the Earth plane in many different ways. Some will appear briefly in human form and others work with Channels, such as myself, to bring forth their teachings at a time when they are most needed. They are attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, and they act to inspire and motivate its spiritual growth.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    As a freelance editor/writer with both friends and clients from all walks of life, one tends to develop on the empathic (spelling intended) side. For any perceived tiny hurdle I may encounter from time to time, each has been (or is) more than rewardingly balanced by the times (often years later) I hear someone say “You helped me see the big picture” or “You said that one thing that helped me (fill in the blank)…” Whether it is helping another or even just sharing or giving a smile to a passer-by, that warmth and care makes the world a bit brighter.

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