What is Channeling?

Channeling is an amazing phenomenon that involves the process of receiving and relaying information from a higher source or higher dimension while the channel is an altered state of consciousness. The channel acts simply as an open vessel which becomes “filled” with the higher vibrational energy reaching out to us from the higher dimensional planes. The intention is to pass on messages and teachings for our healing and our spiritual, mental, and emotional advancement on the Earth plane.

1) Closed Channel: This term refers to a channel that only channels, or primarily channels, a single entity or guide (The term “closed” is probably not completely appropriate in that one must be very open to do any type of channeling). Some of the very best information has come from (and still comes from) so-called “closed channels”.

This is due to the fact that with many closed channels, they have a very deep and trusting relationship with a highly evolved teaching entity that has probably known them for many physical lifetimes.

This level of trust that is developed over “time”, reduces any fear of “letting go” and often allows a closed channel to get more out of the way and thus allow communication to take place with relatively less distortion or “coloring”.

2) Open Channel: These channels can and do allow not only many different non-physical beings to speak, but also many different kinds of beings such as Ascended masters and  our spirit guides.

3) Trance Channel: These channels completely leave their body while the spirit form occupies their body. This type of channel recalls nothing of what was said as they are not present or conscious of what is going on.

4) Conscious Channel: This type of channel does not completely “leave”, but is conscious of the words being spoken and is able to “get out of the way” for the spirit to be able to use the body and vocal cords of the channel.

A channel has the ability to become an empty vessel so that the spirit energy can communicate and reach those of us in the 3D world. Their are certain steps that must be followed to allow for clear channeling, and protection must be invoked to ensure safety for the channel. We all have the ability to channel or “tune into” our Higher Selves for guidance. So the more clear we can get, the more clearly the messages can come to us to assist us on our paths.

Becoming a bridge and and a conduit of higher dimensional communication as a channel is an honor and a gift. I feel truly blessed to have been given this gift, and I am in deep gratitude to the Universe for showing me my purpose.